Introduction, Lecture 1

About This Masterclass

I had been searching for a way to help others find their path to healing and being well. I knew, by my own experience, that simply taking action to being well was not enough. I experienced many breakthroughs and set-backs along my own health journey. The set-backs were the most troubling of course, therefore I knew that I had to keep searching.

Once I had enough “know-how” experience regarding how to nourish my body through eating real foods (resulting in the creation of, I set out to discover more about healing.

Searching in other areas, away from food, led me to a new awareness. I began to notice in articles, interviews, and various health communities how many people referenced that their mind had played a big role in their healing. So, I began to search within myself to answer the question, “What was my mind doing?” and how had my mind played a role in my health journey.

Then the dots began to connect for me. From 2010 to half of 2018, my biggest struggle was due to definitely digestive issues. Doctors call it IBS, but I didn’t really catch on to that term until about 2016. Nevertheless, I could see and feel my struggle. It was in my stomach – and the pain was REAL! Yet, I could recall moments (or breaks) when these digestive issues seemed to have subsided. Thinking a bit deeper, I related these moments (breaks) with what was happening in my life. What was I doing at the time that my stomach pains were not at the forefront of my thoughts?

Then it hit me. Many times I was doing something that I enjoyed. At other times, I was giving to others and not focusing on myself so much. Yet, these were all moments where I felt engaged in life and with others. Hmm…I wasn’t focused on my health problems; instead I was enjoying life. During these enjoyable moments, I would think, “Oh, wouldn’t it be so nice to live in this place?” That place was peaceful and stomach pain free and that’s what I wanted most.

Here were my key points: (1) I believed that I could be healed. (2) I understood that there was something blocking my healing

My final realization: I had been jeopardizing my healing with my own unhealthy thoughts.