Introduction, Lecture 2

Course Format

Group Coaching Format

  1. The book “The Science of Being Well” by Wallace D. Wattles will serve as our master outline and course study points.
  2. We will form a class group which begins and ends on specified dates.
  3. Prior to the class start date, please complete “Energy to Heal, Energy to Live” Part 1.
  4. We will incorporate “Energy to Heal, Energy to Live” Part 2 (A condense version will be presented during class) along with our book readings and assignments.
  5. We will have online weekly group coaching meetings. These meetings will occur through ZOOM. It is up to each member to decide whether to be visible and/or participate in class discussions. Meeting re-plays will be available.
  6. We will have weekly assignments and suggested activities.
  7. It is advised that each class member join the private Facebook group where class “mastermind” discussions will continue.

About the Facebook group:

Napoleon Hill’s definition of the Mastermind Principle: “An alliance of two or more minds blended in a spirit of perfect harmony and co-operating for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

To receive the most benefits, participation is key. We will brainstorm ideas and solutions as needed (and requested) by the members. The aim is to stay focused on our goals of being well.